The most necessary furniture for nursery

The cradle can be called the most ancient piece of furniture for babies. It is intended only for the smallest children. As soon as the baby learns to turn and tries to sit, it will be unsafe to leave in the cradle. The time of bed will come.

The whole family is in pleasurable anticipation: the smallest but the most important member of the family will come to the world very soon! Don’t listen to those who persuade you not to buy anything for your child before it is born. When the baby will come to the world, it will require all your time and care. So, it’s better to see about the “portion” beforehand.

The most important thing for the newborn is its mum’s gentle hands and a comfortable bed. There are three kinds of nursery beds: classic beds, cots and cradles.

The cradle came to our life from the high antiquity. Yet our great-grandmothers hung the basket with the child from the ceiling, so that they can lull a child asleep without interrupting their housework. The modern cradles are usually made in the form of wicker baskets on the stand or wooden baskets on special skids, equipped with the lulling mechanism.

The small size of cradle gives the child the feeling of safety and comfort. The modern cradles are compact and mobile. It will allow you to move them about the house without leaving your baby even for a second. But don’t forget that these models are intended only for the newborns. After a few months the turn of bed will come.

The children’s bed will serve your baby up to 3 years. The modern beds can have skids, legs or wheels. Some models are completed with all these elements. It gives you an opportunity to change them as you wish. The most of models are provided with the adjustable height of the bed bottom. The sidewalls and the backs of the bed are either made of rods or solid. If they’re made of rods, remember that the distance between the rods must be no more than 2.5-6, or else the baby can be traumatized, when he puts out its arm or leg.

The beds with the rods are more practical than those with solid walls. The baby doesn’t feel lonely. It watches what’s happening in the room and learns to stand up on its own, holding on to the bars. After the child has grown up, you can pull out or saw down the rods. Then the child will get an opportunity to get out of its bed and back without risking falling down. The models with solid walls and sidewalls are less comfortable, as the child has nothing to catch hold. Besides, it can’t see what’s happening in the room, and the access for air is labored.

baby boy nursery furniture
baby boy nursery furniture
baby girl nursery furniture
baby girl nursery furniture

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