The decor of child’s room for girls

Interior room for the child to be primarily functional as well as environmentally friendly. If it’s a girl, then it should turn the room into a real fairy tale in which she could feel like a princess. In this article, we will analyze in detail the question of decorating a child’s room for a girl and give practical advice!

Color solution Most often for room for girls many choose shades of pink. But in fact, the view that the girl room should be pink is wrong, and not all girls like this color.

Children’s room for girls should be of appropriate tones

You can choose green, sand, yellow and even blue, which will remind of the sea and clean sky. The main thing that was the color of pastel shades, but otherwise there are no restrictions.

Besides, if we talk about the pink color, it is not all fit, because this color can irritate and even adversely affect the psychological state of the child. If small children need bright specks in the interior of the room, then, for a teenage girl can make room in beige, cream or pearl shades.

If you do decide to stay at the pink, it must be diluted with other colors.

Design of room for girls

Room for girls, regardless of age should be divided into these zones:

  • rest area;
  • zone of store toys;
  • work area;
  • area for active play;
  • dressing area.

In the room must be present bed with bedside lamp, desk, shelves for toys, wardrobe. If space allows, it should be installed in the locker room with a mirror and a small sofa. But the TV in the room is not required, and from him it is possible to refuse.

Variant of decoration of a child’s room for girls It is also possible to provide a small sports area, which girl would be delighted no less than boys. If a girl attends a music school in the room absolutely must have zone of music lessons with accommodating the musical instrument.

Room for a teenage girl

Arrangement of rooms intended for a teenage girl best handled together with the mistress of the room. It is she should with the help of parents decide on the color scheme and design-themed room.

Whatever the decision on the interior design was not accepted in the room must be present bed, a wardrobe, a bookcase for books and other items, table with mirror, computer table.

Children’s room for teen girls more restrained

You can also equip in the room reception area, setting in it sofa and a small TV. If space allows not be superfluous to a mini-dressing, as well as an exercise bike or treadmill.

girl room decor

girl room decor

girl room decor

girl room decor

girl room decor

girl room decor

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