The bedroom for a teenage girl: 5 Tips for the selection of furniture and decoration

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1. The starting point – the taste preferences of the child From now on in the design decisions of her room is involved and the girl herself, not only her parents.

The two main directions in the design of the bedrooms for the young girls can be defined as: a romantic and feminine style (glamor, Provence, art deco, bright eclectic);
If your daughter tends to bright colors do not interrupt her wish. Why not stop for red, green, violet colors, which will encourage a girl to be creative and productive work?

2. The workplace should be comfortable Despite the importance of decoration functionality must remain in first place. In the room of teenager must be equipped a comfortable workplace, located in close proximity to the window. Desk should be supplemented by shelves, drawers, and shelves for storing books, books and stationery.

3. The main requirement for the design of the bedroom – originality Leave in the room only the most necessary. For frequently used items suitable compact cabinet and shoes, outerwear and all seasonal items can be placed in the hallway, in the dressing room or on the mezzanine.

4. The decor of the room – bright and creative The bedroom of teenager should be original, stylish and modern, that here you can invite your friends. Therefore, pay special attention to the decor. Individuality bedroom pictures give the hostess and her friends, bright posters, wallpapers, pictures. However, it is important to strike a balance. Framed photos and posters in the appropriate frame, help her daughter to hang them in accordance with an interesting scheme to all elements of the composition harmoniously and look good together.

Creative girls aspiring to constant change, appreciate stylish moodboards (boards, where photos, postcards and magazine clippings can be attached), walls painted with slate paint or with a special coating to paint markers.

5. The lounge zone in the room – must-have All the teens love cozy seating and couches where you can sit comfortably to read a magazine or chatting with a friend on the phone. Necessarily contemplate such a corner in her daughter’s room.
The ideal option: seat bag (due to their mobility handy thing for a small room); suspension seat or swing (be very careful to a method of fastening – consult with a specialist); trestle or podiums; upholstered benches along the windows, which are often hidden under roomy drawers.

teenage room decor

teenage room decor

teenage room decor

teenage room decor

teenage room decor

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