Selecting bedding sets

It would seem that the purchase of a set of bed linen should not cause problems. The main thing – choose your favorite colors, and the rest – is simple enough. However, once you begin to pick up, then immediately there is confusion in sizes and strange names. Therefore we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the standard size designation of sets.

All manufacturers produce sets of semi linen, double and increased “euro” sizes. Dimensions of sheets, respectively, comprise in them 143×215 cm, 175x215cm and 220h 215×240 cm. If you buy foreign-made bed set, here operates its own system of notation. For cots for son or little girl you can pick up a beautiful “cartoon” sets of the size baby bed – up to 130 cm in length.

For those who like to sleep alone, should be chosen from a single set single (or twin) and extra long single, corresponding to the size of our semi. There are more choices for lovers and couples. Classic double (or full) – this is a common double linen. The biggest, the king’s sizes have corresponding names – queen and king size. The first is about our “Euro” and the second is designed for a very wide bed. Dimensions of the blanket cover in this kit is an average 200×220 cm, and sheet – and even more – 240×260.

Apart from the usual bed-sheets, in foreign kits are often found the sheets with an elastic band. They are suitable only for beds and sofas, which unfolded have backs and armrests. They are fairly easy to use, as fixed on the mattress, do not crumple and do not slip. With them, the bed is always neat. But due to the presence of gum and side blades, going to fold, you have to tinker with them during ironing. If this point does not scare you look on the packaging designation linen fitted sheet.

Dimensions of pillowcase can also vary depending on the kit. It can be as the standard square “clothes” on the cushions (70×70 cm) or rectangular pillowcases with edging (50×70 cm). In order to squeeze the pillow in a pillowcase, it will have to bend to the sides and to crush hardly. Sometimes the set includes just 4 pillowcases – a pair of standard and steam piping. However, they differ in appearance. Rectangular is more elegant and repeats the pattern of covers, and square – is monophonic and coincides with the color of the sheet.

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