Room for a teenager – decor ideas

Consider opinion of a teenager. If you want to give bedroom a certain style, check with your child with ready samples of bedrooms on the Internet or in magazines. For the bedroom of girl can be chosen the style of “ballerina”, “princess” or the theme of “Disney”. For boy`s room suit “racing cars”, “space” or “sport”. But if the room is divided betwrrn boy and girl, choose one of the universal themes – “music”, “beach”, “retro”, etc.

Select a color scheme and style of the room. The direction of choice of style in the first place depends on the sex of the owner of the room. If it’s a girl, choose a soft feminine style and colors like purple and pink. If the room belongs to the boy form it in shades of blue, brown, or other “masculine” colors. If there will live in a room two children, use yellow, green or shades of gray. Mixing of different colors and shades will make the room contrast, lively and fashionable. By combining inks can be achieved any desired result.

Choose the right color scheme, start painting. Stencil graffiti or drawings by hand on the walls will be very appropriate. However, these details should also agree with the owner of the room. Figures painted contribute to the atmosphere of the room variety and mood do not require large financial costs.

Having finished with painting, you can choose furniture. Furniture – a very important element, because it must simultaneously fulfill the practical and aesthetic functions. First of all, pay attention to the size of the room. For a small space upper-tier bed will be the most rational choice. At furniture stores are offered constructions, combining a bed and playing area, or area of the schoolboy, or even recreation area. If the room is designed for two people, it is better to put there two upper-tier beds, or one bunk. But if the room is large enough, you may want to put in her wide bed.

A good idea for the room of a teenager will be a wardrobe with a big mirror – with it will be convenient to gather in the school. But if the size of the room does not allow you to put it in a closet, you can install a large mirror in the bathroom.

So, it’s time to add decorative details. If you do not want the room to look cluttered, then you should not use too many accessories. Functional elements may well serve as decorative purposes.

For example, a bed in the shape of a car, or a beautiful table lamp. But if you want to add decorations in furniture stores and online stores, you can find a lot of original stuff of all kinds.

We hope that our recommendations will help you to find a suitable topic and make a child’s room beautiful and practical.

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