Princess Room: Decor nursery for girls

As you know, for children their room – it is often the very first impressions that help the formation of personality, self-esteem, artistic taste and attitude to life.

Interior design of children’s room should inculcate the child aesthetic sense and at the same time, to give a sense of security and comfort.

Today we offer to talk about how to decorate the children’s room for a girl, because here it is important to strike a balance between practicality and wishes of little beauties.

Here are some ideas for decor of children’s room for girls, maybe you will gather something for decor of apartments of your baby.

Flowers and butterflies

Motifs with flowers, plants and butterflies – the basis for the development of the set of design of plots nursery for girls: vinyl stickers in the form of butterflies, funny watch butterflies and many other applications of silhouettes and images of these wonderful creatures.

Plants, flowers and trees also can be a great motive to decorate the nursery. For example, the tree on a blank wall, painted with acrylic paints or made using vinyl stickers.

Paris, Paris … French motives for children’s decor

Baby older may want to feel like a little Parisian, which means a French-style decor is fine in her room. For example, accented wall decorated with wallpaper patterned damask, give the nursery an aristocratic chic.
Images of the Eiffel Tower, especially when combined with black and pink, will help to create in the room for girl romantic atmosphere.
Of course, the interior nursery for girls, decorated in white and pastel colors will make the room even more exquisitely attractive.

Decorative little things for nursery

You can hang in the children’s room, magnetic or cork board, decorated with different pictures and trivia. You can attract the very owner of the room to the design of this element of the interior.

A good element of decor may be curtains: alone they are needed in the interior of a child’s room, so that you can limit the penetration of sunlight into the room, if necessary, and, in addition, can significantly decorate the interior.

Soft toys that love probably, all children can complete a child’s room decor for girls. It is not necessary to remove the favorite of bears in the closet – let them decorate the room!

room decorations for girls

room decorations for girls

room decorations for girls

room decorations for girls

room decorations for girls

A good way to decorate children’s room may be a large print with a picture of little housewife room or her pets. Photo-print can be used to decorate the walls of the facade of wardrobe or door surface.

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