Interesting ideas for the boys’ room decor

The boys and girls differ not only in their character and behavior, but also in the interests and preferences. While most of the girls are interested in role plays, the boys usually like team games (football, volleyball, basketball, etc.) So, the design of girls’ and boys’ room must be different.

In childhood, the boys are usually interested in constructing, designing and encyclopedic knowledge. You should notice your child’s interests, and the design of boys’ room can play a key role in their development.

Let’s consider several variants of the boys’ room decor

The design of boys’ room- football interior

If your son is crazy about football, use the football design in the decoration of his room. The small fan of this sport will be delighted!
Paint the boys’ room walls in the colors of his favorite football team. You can decorate the main wall of the room with the logo of your child’s favorite team. It doesn’t matter if this team is a champion or a beginner. If your son doesn’t have any favorite team, paint the walls in neutral colors. Then you can draw a few logos of several football teams on the wall.

The wallpaper and curtains in the room of small football fan must match the sport theme (various pictures of balls, helmets, etc.) Draw the marking on the floor to create the real football-pitch on the floor of your son’s room. Another option is to buy a carpet in the form of football-pitch. Spread the round carpet in the form of football at the child’s bed.

The accessories of the boys’ room with football design must have the same attributes- footballs, souvenirs and goblets.

The design of boys’ room- learning the encyclopedia

Stimulate the interest and potential of your child to study. At an early age, the child’s brain works at its full capacity. It’s the time when the child’s interests and passions can affect his future.

The room of the boy, keen on science, can be also designed beautiful and original!

The carpet for the kids’ room, picturing a map of the world, globes, massive wooden bookcases, the portraits of scientists and the geographical map can decorate the walls of your child’s room. At the same time, the room must be equipped with the comfortable furniture.

The study zone must be separated from the work area. Modern decor are the main feature of this room. Remember that the wall coloring of the child’s room also affects its’ intellectual development. Paint the walls and the child’s room in general light green, orange or terracotta. These colors will help your child to concentrate.

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