Ideas for decorations of baby room for boy

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Baby room are made special not just by toys and creative mess, it becomes a real children’s world, when the room has theme. Such themed baby room is unique, individual and original – without any doubts, it will become the pride of its little master. Boys room ideas you can find a lot, but we have selected the most vivid and interesting options for the arrangement of baby room, what will like and parents and their young children.

Zoo. The interior of room with not too bright walls and the floor gets its own individual style with animal images on the carpet, bed linen and curtains.

Rivers and lakes. The picture on the wall with reed and dragonflies on the background of the river and the sky is very appeasing. And if your child likes to frolic near lakes and rivers – such personal “lake” right in his own room he will exactly like.

Rainbow. The riot of colors in the interior baby room is perfect for active child. All colors of the rainbow will bring into the room joy, fun and children’s laughter.

The cosmos. Does your son like to watch “Star wars”? Give him a room of his dreams – you need to add some pictures of the planets and aliens on the walls and pillows with cosmic patterns and bright colors and your son will feel like Darth Vader.

Sea. Strips in the interior of such boys baby room are found on almost all surfaces and on all materials, as well as a combination of red, blue and white, what give the room a more mature look.

Football. This shade of blue in conjunction with orange is a good choice for the boy on the threshold of his adolescence. The undeniable advantage of choosing this theme is the fact that the room can gradually transform and upgrade over time, when the child grows. For kid you can accommodate large inflatable balls and apply white-black pattern of a ball on some details. And for teenager will be interesting to see the colors of his favorite team on the walls and textiles.

boys room ideas

boys room ideas

boys room ideas

boys room ideas

boys room ideas

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