How to design the interior of boy-teenage bedroom

The topic of this article will be relevant for parents of teenage boys, as we talk about the creation of a bedroom for teenagers aged 10 to 16 years.

First, we would like to determine the basic requirements for the bedroom for a boy-teenager:

  1. Comfortable place to sleep
    This may be a sofa or bed with orthopedic mattress of medium hardness. Buy bed longer, as the baby grows rapidly at this age.
  2. Equipped place to study
    There must be a sufficient number of shelves for books and boxes for different things of the owner of the room. Do not forget about the ergonomics of the workplace of the child – the height of the table should be relevant to the chair so that the child while studying is not hung his elbows on the table, but also reaching out to the table he did not have to – it spoils the posture. Table must be wide enough and long, there should be enough space for the computer, and to practice lessons. The corners of the table should be smooth. Buy chair with adjustable height, then it will last for a long time, the back should be high and comfortable for long sitting.
  3. Sufficient lighting
    Necessarily the chandelier on the ceiling and a few table lamps: one on the desktop, the second – near the bed, the teenager probably wants to read a book before going to bed.
  4. Place of to store things In the room should be enough space to store clothes, everything should be at hand, thoughtfully and comfortably organized, because there lives a boy-fidget, which is always in a hurry in business.
  5. Colours

teenage bedroom decor 3

teenage bedroom decor 2

teenage bedroom decor 1

Since the boy will live in a room , then select appropriate colours – blue, gray, blue, brown, burgundy, green, purple. Especially look good contrasting combination of colors: black and white, brown and orange, emerald green and gray, etc. Make the room light as much as possible: let the walls in the bedroom will be a light background for everything else, as in a bright room it is pleasant to be, it is especially important for the young, only sets the psyche. Hang in the room curtains and blinds, then boy will be able to rest easy during the day, after school, or training.

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