Graffiti: Creative interior for teenage room

How to decorate room for a teenager? On what areas to separate? How to choose the furniture? To answer all these questions, it is advisable to consult with the future owner of the premises and take into account their wishes.

decor for teenage bedroom

13-14 years – the age of major changes in the child’s personality, his relationship to himself and the people around him. During this period, private room becomes a means of expression. Graffiti on one of the walls of the room will give a room originality and make it unique. Today the technique is fashionable and progressive revolution in art. It is important that the design of the room is child’s parents will cost an order of magnitude cheaper than the decorative painting of interiors, and in the drawing itself artists put their hearts and vision of the world that allows you to subtly feel all the charm and warmth of a masterpiece.

Ways to make graffiti are several. All of them, without exception, are intended to go beyond the story, technology and quality of implementation of the artist’s work. First, you must determine the image to be applied to the wall. The storyline is to think in advance, so as not to disturb the integrity of the design. To create a harmonious picture of all colors have to be interconnected. Having defined the theme of the picture, you can move on to the image size. This part of the process is very important because a large drawing in small spaces is able to spoil the visual impression, and the meaning of the image will be difficult to recognize. When you create a stylistic line drawing must also compare it with the general interior of the apartment.

Extremely popular in recent figures on the topic of modern dance, hip-hop, as well as extreme sports. The ideal solution for teen rooms – street graffiti font. Do not forget that the main thing in this art form – beauty line. In its work, the artists use graffiti cans of spray paint, packing them, gloves, respirator and rollers. The stability of aerosol paints nothing inferior acrylic, whereby the material can be used in both interior and exterior. One of the main features of aerosol paints – the ability to instantly dry. In addition, such paints are absolutely harmless, so do not be afraid to use them in children’s rooms. Having dealt with the design of the walls in the room of a teenager, you can start choosing the right furniture. Thus, the bed should be convenient and comfortable. The mattress is best to pick up a few degrees of hardness. Replace the roll-out sofa bed is available.

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