Decor of children’s rooms for girl

Proper design of a child’s room is one of the important factors in a child’s development. Room for your child – this is the first space where he feels safe. Just in his room the child begins to learn about the world through toys, books, fabrics, palette in the room.
Under this, it is very important to properly and competently arrange nursery.

For girls could come classic style of the interior. Thanks to the interior design, thus you will attach the child to the classics – classic literature, music, art. In this case, the basis of the interior will be – muted tones, wooden furniture and brown shades, furniture and accessories of the correct form. It is better to use natural fabrics in the interior – cotton, silk, wool, satin. Suitable accessories are photographs and paintings in massive frames with gold, bed and armchair with curly legs and high, massive headboard, a large chandelier and sconces of correct forms.

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Such a style is suitable for quiet and obedient children.
Minimalism in the interior always looks fresh and interesting. Why not arrange a minimalism in the nursery? This does not mean that the child will be deprived of comfort and lots of toys. On the contrary, minimalism – is primarily a space.

For such an interior will be completely characteristic bright wallpaper with a simple geometric pattern, spotlights around the perimeter of the room, lots of light due to the large windows, light curtains, light-colored furniture and bright wallpapers. From furniture choose only what you need – bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers and desk. The remaining space should play the role of a playground.
Such a children’s room is suitable for active and mobile kids.

Romance in the interior tunes on creativity. So why not arrange a children’s room in this style?
The palette in the interior is not bright, but often dominated by one color – white, beige, muted pink, coral.
Fabrics should be natural – silk, cotton, wool.

Furniture – graceful bed on curved legs with high headboard, a small, round bedside table, a large wardrobe and chest of drawers. The girl will be very happy with a dressing table with a large mirror. It is desirable that the furniture was the same palette.

More romantic, the room will make accessories – cushions of different shapes, large and small lamps and sconces with unusual floor lamps, pleasant to the touch fabrics and blankets on the bed, on the floor, figured large and small picture frames, large and small ottomans which palette should overlap with a palette of furniture.

In such an interior have to be real flowers.
This interior is suitable for confident girl who dreams of becoming a princess.

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