Decor for a child’s room – room for girl

You probably already well studied preferences of your baby, so you know who is her favorite fairy tale or a cartoon character, and if so, then the starting point in the decor of a child’s room for a girl had been found.

Color of the walls in the room, too, will determine your daughter – it is she should be here, and even if you are not a big fan of the numerous shades of pink, giving way to the desires of your child, think of all the unrealized desires from your childhood, and you will understand what it means to live in a treasured and cherished fairy tale room. However, if your child prefers other color to pink, it is not on your persecution, not all the girls tend to standard pink tones.

Green, sand, blue, turquoise, orange – all the colors are good, especially if your child like them and they improve her mood.
We have said that girls are more often creative personalities, they like to find some thing new uses. In this way children develop, so you need to give them such opportunities.

In the children’s room of girl can be board on which she will be able to draw, and all that she wants – and with paints, and with pencils and markers; on the same board child can hang her crafts, pictures, clippings from magazines for children.

Butterflies, flowers, stars, sea waves – place them on the walls, furniture and ceilings. They emphasize atmosphere of fairy tale, magic, childhood.

The ceiling in the nursery can be wallpaper paste over with special reflective stars that at night with the lights off will create the effect of a starry sky.

The bed of your little girl is a very important part of the room, a good bed is the health of the baby and good sleep. The bed should have a good orthopedic mattress, well, dreams will be even more fun if bedding will be with unusual children’s drawings.
Girls love that above their bed was a canopy, it reminds them of the princess bed. Do not refuse to them in this pleasure, the canopy can perfectly decorate the room and serve as a barrier to light.

If your girl is in school, it is necessary to provide a comfortable place for homework, and that it was not too boring, decorate it can be with a beautiful table lamp, unusual wall clock, bright panels, frames with photos of your daughter and her friends of friends.
And finally, let’s talk about accessories. For the younger child is often the accessories, gifts and toys create their individual image, and preferences among children change quite often.

In order not to spend the extra money, but to please the child think of such accessories, which can be easily and without much remorse replaced. It can be wallpapers, posters, curtains, bedspreads and pillows.

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