Children’s Room: 5 Ideas For Decor Room For Girls

Children Dressing Table
Children Dressing Table

What kind of Interior of a children room for girls to do without a mirror and dressing table? However, the room for the child up to 14-15 years, adult dressing tables and mirrors will look ridiculous. Therefore, if possible, put the little girl children’s version of the dressing table – low bedside table with compartments for hygiene and decorations, low soft pouf and a small mirror.

Kids Wall Mural
Photo Wall Mural

To transform the interior of a child’s room for girls in the good fairy tale about a princess you can use the photo wallpaper. Now on sale there are wallpapers, panels and whole sets of two and three walls of the room with the image of the characters of fairy tales, magic forest, castle interior boudoir or fairy princess. Even if the room is not enough furniture, it painted an analog successfully decorate the interior and entertain children.


Canopy over the bed – one of the decorative elements that can radically transform the view of a child’s room. This can be a snow-white veil, lace veil, satin curtains, but look good, and a canopy of heavier fabrics – thick cotton, velvet, jacquard. Interestingly canopy over the bed in a pair of interior nursery for two girls.
Pay attention to the color of the canopy: for a good sleep and relaxation of the nervous system is better not to hang the red, maroon, yellow bedspreads and prefer relaxing shades of blue, green, peach, beige, milky white.

Bag Chair
Bag Chair

Bean-bag, who is also chair bag, original and comfortable, especially for a child’s room. This kind of frameless furniture is good for all ages, and even children will be from him is just crazy.
Bean bags look comfortable and beautiful, often they have a removable cover that can be washed as necessary. Design of the cover can maintain the style of the interior of a child’s room for a girl or be neutral, if the family heterosexual children.

Table Transformer

Better than you can equip the workplace of the child – a table-transformer. Behind this name lies a simple principle: the mechanism of the table allows you to change the height and angle of the countertop according to the growth, posture and lighting.

In the interior of the children’s room for girls furniture such wins in all respects: it looks great and saves space. Transforming tables allows you to combine learning and play areas, takes up less space than an adult work, and has the appropriate feminine colors – white, golden, yellow, pink, etc.

how to decorate girls room

When choosing a decor bet on soft shades and smooth lines, try not to clutter the space with unnecessary items and do not forget the convenient system of storage – a small shelving, containers or a low chest of drawers perfectly cope with this task and help your daughter alone to maintain order in the room.

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