Basic rules for the choice of kid desk

In our time not only the designer, but also the parents devote much time and attention to the choice of furniture and decorations for the kid’s room. This room is a place where the child spends most of the time, doing lessons or playing computer games. Kid’s room is a very personal space, reflecting the child’s tastes and interests.

School starts soon
When the child grows up, it is necessary to provide its’ room with a desk or a writing table. Their main difference is that the desk has slant table top, making it easier for the child to write or draw, sitting at it. In the following, you’ll learn some ideas for the kid’s desks, which will make your heir’s room more comfortable and interesting.
The writing table, or desk, appears in the child’s room, when the kid reaches the age of 5-6 years (the year or two before the child reaches school age).

See about the lighting
The writing table must be placed next to the source of natural light (i.e., the window). Most of the day, this place is well illuminated with the sun, especially if the windows faces the south or south-east. It is very important when the child draws or makes homework. After the sunset, your child’s working area must be lighted with the table lamp, whose light must be close to natural. As a rule, these are the eco-friendly energy-saving light bulbs. It is best, if your child’s writing table has a lot of compartments and drawers for the storage of his books, paints and school accessories.

You can choose the table color, close to the color of the room painting, or even the contrast one. If you choose the table or desk for the girl, give preference to pink, light pink or red colors, and for the boy- blue, greenish or yellow. The most universal color of writing table is the color of natural wood. The table height is usually adjustable. So, even your table will grow up together with your child.

The writing table must also have enough space for the computer or notebook display. Nowadays, the shops offer a lot of different table models with such compartments.

There are desks adjustable for the child’s height. It will allow you to save money, and saves you the trouble of buying this piece of furniture every year as your child grows up.

If you apply some of this ideas in the design of your child’s room, it will feel great here!

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